Best Books on Roman History

One of the most interesting periods in human history – the Roman Empire, the ancient battles, politics, and its collapse. A topic with so many good books – how do you find the best ones to read? We spent several hours researching books about the history of Rome. Reviewing sources on social media, articles, forums, and specialist websites. In total, we reviewed more than 71 books about Roman History. The result is a list of the 10 best Roman Books. Prioritized by the most recommended. Here you go: The best books about Roman History:

#1 The Roman Revolution

recommended by 36%

#2 Spqr: A History Of Ancient Rome

recommended by 21%

#3 The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire

recommended by 14%

#4 Cicero: The Life And Times Of Rome’s Greatest Politician

recommended by 14%

#5 Rubicon: The Last Years Of The Roman Republic

recommended by 14%

#6 I, Claudius

recommended by 14%

#7 The First Man In Rome

recommended by 14%

#8 The Grass Crown

recommended by 14%

#9 Claudius The God

recommended by 14%

#10 The Twelve Caesars

recommended by 7%

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