Best Books on David Hume

We set out to create the final list of David Hume Books. We spent several hours researching the expert’s advice on what to read on David Hume. In Forums, Newspapers, blogs, bestseller lists, and articles.

The result was a list of more than 38 recommended books on David Hume. We have then structured it by the most recommended books first – so what you see – is a prioritized list of the best books on David Hume. A clear winner with a 50% recommendation rate is An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding.

#1 An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding

recommended by 50%

#2  A Treatise of Human Nature

recommended by 43%

#3 Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion

recommended by 36%

#4 The Life of David Hume

recommended by 14%

#5 The Philosophy of David Hume

recommended by 14%

#6 An Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Morals

recommended by 14%

#7 Selected Essays

recommended by 14%

#8 Dialogues And Natural History Of Religion

recommended by 14%

#9 Critique Of Pure Reason

recommended by 14%

#10 A Treatise On Human Nature, Volume 1

recommended by 14%

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