100 best coffee table books (updated 2019)

1. Women – The national Geographic Image Collection

An epic coffee table book dedicated to powerful women across the world. Released November 2

2. Destinations of a Lifetime: 225 of the World’s Most Amazing Places (National Geographic)

A breathtaking book to give as a gift. Who does not dream about a list of destinations to visit. Here you can have it. As a beautiful coffee table book on your sofa table.

3. Italy – Gray Malin

A famous photographer captures the beautiful essence of Italy. What’s not to like about this concept.

4. Sneaker Freaker. The Ultimate Sneaker Book

672 pages of sexy sneaker stories. Learn all about the history and evolution of the sneaker from the expert Simon Wood

5. 1000 chairs

1000 chairs. Do you even know how many different ways chairs have been designed?

6. Redouté. Book of Flowers

7. Japanese Woodblock Prints (1680–1938)

8. Tree Houses. Fairy-Tale Castles in the Air

9. Cats

Susan Michals is the founder of a Cat Art Show and famous for her cat photography

10. The NASA Archives. 60 Years in Space

468 pages of NASA history and beautiful pictures. A must have for anyone who has an interest in space or the sky above.

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