Most books are bad! Most books are a waste of time. Just because a book is published or advertised – it does not mean that it is a good book. It is a very important lesson to learn in life. Otherwise, you will waste hours and more tragically you risk losing the interest in reading.

We all have approximately 50 summers of reading. There is no time to waste. Make sure you bring a wonderful book to the beach.

One of the most important things in life is being able to read. We have solved that for millions of people with the basic school. A smaller problem, but still a problem, is helping people to read the right stuff. Good books. The books that matter to them. We have approximately 50 summers in a grown-up life – where average readers probably bring a good book with them on vacation. We need to make sure that time is not wasted here. We want to help people choose the best books so these 50 summers of reading are not wasted.

Pastdeadline.com is an online book recommendation site. On this page, you will find collections of book lists from different great sources. Making this your one-stop shop for finding book reviews and decide what to read next.